Investment Opportunities


Valued Investors/ brokers,

Nu Innovations Inc is offering opportunities for investors/ brokers /companies to invest in our unique projects. We would like to invite you to partner with us.
There are several ways you can invest in a project with us by Joint Venture Agreement and ,
1) Take over a project license and either you manufacture and market it yourself or we manufacture and market it for you
2) Partner 50/50 on a project to the end.
3) We hold the license and you carry on with manufacturing and marketing
4) Purchasing shares and benefiting on a project accordingly. Each project comes with a business license and is fully transparent.

5) You can buy our intellectual property and manage it by yourself.
As Nu Innovations is a Canadian established company we prefer that all the aspects of the project start and finish in Canada to create jobs for the Canadian market. As we all know Canada is an advocate for clean technology and the highest quality management control. By investing on our projects not only will you benefit financially, you will also contribute to high standard product development.
We thank all our previous, present and future investors. With your encouragement and our hard working team we can bring imagination to reality.
To all brokers and investors, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details.

General Terms:

Assign an Officer ,Broker or Management company for communications authorized by the investor as follows:

Company or investors must assign a broker or officer to sign non-disclosure agreement and carry on all the steps for compilation of the contract.Investor agrees to keep all the information and documents in their position be safe and confidential, prove of investor capability to invest /Company or investor must prove they are financially capable to invest on particular project. Deposit/Investor must make initial deposit in the form of swift or Bank draft. Compensation/In case of cancellation, investor agrees to be pay 15% of total investment, Finalization/All agreement will be finalizing by Nu Innovations Inc. law firm, Liabilities/Nu Innovations Inc. will not be liable for any unlawfulness of the fund origin.

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