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Let’s Working together to create innovations 

The Nu Innovation Inc is committed to its Social Innovation Business as a way to contribute to resolving societal issues which are becoming increasingly global and complex.

Our vision is to investigate challenges facing society and bring customers together with the stakeholders, so together they can  identify ways to resolve the issues. By drawing on our vast experience and technology in societal infrastructure and information technology built-up over many years, we will provide the optimal solution.

Our Research & Development Group is responsible for leading “collaborative creation” with customers. Specifically, a three prong approach is being taken: “customer-driven innovation” whereby research is conducted close to customers to identify and resolve challenges through such means as NU unique service design methodologies; “technology-driven innovation” creating innovative products through the optimal combination of technologies, and “vision-driven innovation” to pioneer new areas guided by a creative vision and through open innovation.

An important platform to enable these three types of innovation to dynamically interact and promote. By collecting and analyzing big data from equipment and people on-site, new value can be generated by altering the components in the operation. NU has abundant experience and know-how fostered over the years as a leading company in information and control technologies, as well as technology from experience in building societal infrastructure. This broad range of technologies, knowledge and experience will be leveraged to challenge issues and develop innovative solutions for a better future.

All products displayed on this website owned  by Mr. Behrouz Rahimi and Nu Innovations Inc and we cannot accept to display other people’s products.

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New Mobile Charger-Works by Gravity (under negotiation)

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New Tech Pipe Line for Oil and Gas(under negotiation)

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Fire Fighting System For Frame wood House